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The HyperHEPA Filter

The Atem features a high-efficiency HyperHEPA filter with an ID-chip. The C-shaped filter was specifically designed to remove pollutants such as PM2.5, ultra fine particles, allergens, diesel soot, mould spores and pollen with a minimum efficiency of 99% at 0.3 µm.


The Filter ID-Chip

The filter’s integrated ID-chip allows the Atem to monitor the life span of the filter. As with IQAir room air purifiers, there are no fixed filter replacement intervals dictated by the Atem. Instead the system keeps track of the actual usage (operation time and fan speed) to compute the remaining lifespan to maximise filter life. Once the calculated filter life reaches the last 5%, the user is alerted via the app and by a visual and audible signal emitted by the Atem. Upon insertion of the new HyperHEPA filter the Atem recognises it and automatically resets the filter life monitor.


The PureJet™ Diffuser

For its small size, the Atem generates a powerful airflow. The PureJet Diffuser was specifically designed to project the airflow gently to create a clean air bubble in front of the system — the breathing zone. Positioned on a tabletop, the Atem can blanket the user in pure air. The height of the airflow projection can be adjusted freely by tilting the Atem up and down.


Airflow Adjustment

The fan speed can be selected directly on the unit by gently tapping the Atem logo on the side where an invisible touch point is located or via the smartphone app. The Atem offers 3 fan speed settings, each of which can also be individually adjusted with the Atem app.


Airflow Indicator LED

An elegant blue LED light strip beneath the PureJet diffuser provides feedback of the selected airflow setting. Standby mode is indicated by a warm red glow. In addition to the visual feedback, each fan speed adjustment is accompanied by a gentle click or chime. Both brightness of the LED and the sound level can be freely adjusted with the Atem app.


The Atem App

The Atem can also be controlled via the Atem App (free download: Apple iOS and Android). The app allows the user to access several advanced features (see attached screenshots), including:


- smart filter life monitor

- fan speed customisation

- LED light and sound customisation

- Bluetooth proximity sensor for smart on/off control



The Atem has a very distinctive and elegant shape and is available in black or white. Due to its compact size and light weight (2.8 kg including the metal stand) the Atem is ideal to take along to the office and easily fits in your carry-on bag when you fly. A stylish custom-made black Atem Travel Case is available for easy carrying.


Made in Germany

The Atem is exclusively made at our state-of-the-art production facility in Germany and is covered by a 2-year warranty.


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Atem Personal (White)

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