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Atem X combines powerful air filtration, quiet sensor-based operation, and Energy Star rated efficiency—all in a slim, beautiful form factor.


Slim, space saving design

Slim design beautifully integrates into virtually any indoor space, Atem X is the perfect air purifier for extra large rooms, requiring minimal floor space of only two sheets of paper. Patented BionicCore technology allows for more air to be cleaned with less noise and less energy in a slimmer, smaller form factor than traditional air purifiers.


Ultra-quiet operation

One of the quietest, compact high-performance air purifiers on the market. With 8 fan speeds, the Atem X is a high-performance air purifier for extra large rooms and smaller spaces alike. For large spaces, Atem X cleans up to 1650 sq. ft. (154 m2) in only 30 minutes on top fan speed. For smaller spaces, Atem X can be run on lower fan speeds. In bedrooms and individual offices up to up to 330 sq. ft., two air cleaning cycles per hour are achieved at whisper quiet operation of only 32 dB(A).


Automatic, smart sensor-based operation, air quality indicator and scheduled Wi-Fi off

Integrated air quality sensors constantly monitor fine dust particles (PM2.5), CO2, temperature and humidity. Air quality sensors monitor room air quality throughout the day, adjusting fan speed and purification to the necessary level, saving energy when air cleaning is not needed. The AQGlow air quality indicator projects a soft glow behind the air purifier to indicate current air quality, based on measurements from internal air quality sensors. Wi-Fi is great during the day, but many customers prefer to turn Wi-Fi off at night. Atem X allows users to set a time window in which they want to disable all radio frequency activity and a time when Wi-Fi connection should automatically resume.


Suitable for extra large rooms
A high efficiency air purifier for extra large rooms, Atem X provides up to two air cleaning cycles per hour for a 1650 sq. ft. (154 m2) space. Flexible Air Rotation (FAR) technology delivers clean air further into the room and increases room circulation and air cleaning. Multiple Atem X air purifiers can be combined to a Constellation to create optimal air distribution in large rooms.

Atem X

SKU: 275.DA.10.F6